Thursday, July 28, 2011

my summer playlist

it's summer. that means it's time to sit around the house and force-feed yourself ice cream, splayed out in front of the television watching 90s nickelodeon. (ABOUT DAMN TIME) it's time to dump your girlfriend/boyfriend to go sew your royal oats. it's time to go on vacation, get drunk and not remember a thing the next day on several occasions, and most importantly, create memories that you'll still be smiling about in december.

but don't forget the soundtrack!

portofino - teengirl fantasy

an ambient beat with a rich boy sample thrown in? why not?

finn bikkjen! - casiokids

norwegian band casiokids trills in their native tongue over an upbeat synth-poppy symphony.

what you know - two door cinema club

two door cinema club rounded up every american apparel employee! fun little ditty from the breakout indie band. perfect for blasting on a hot day.

on my level - wiz khalifa

amber rose's boytoy creates probably the catchiest bass and synth line. get high to this. no seriously, get high to this.

ice cream - battles

the unexpected summer jam from the band whose songs can last up to nine minutes. ok, so you may not know what they're saying, but so what?

one nation under a groove - funkadelic

go all the way back to the seventies with this one. funk never goes out of style or season.


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