Saturday, December 31, 2011

me gusta music of 2011 (in no particular order)

*le enjoys this music and formulates a real life scenario in which all of these songs apply to me and should be playing in le background

me and you - nero le song from le headphones commercial 
the look - metronomy this sounds rly kewl

pharoahs - SBTRKT guy in mask trolls everyone w/ gud music
go - santigold ft. karen o santi white + the "maps" girl
lotus flower bomb - wale totally jacked radiohead for the title
lights - ellie goulding i know who she is bcuz of awkward
how come you never go there - feist "1234" girl still singing
on my level - wiz khalifa i dont think he's ever sober.
afternoon - youth lagoon all dreamy and shit
my machines - battles man vs. elevator. and le elevator wins.
will do - tv on the radio srsly cried listening to this
hell on heels - pistol annies these bitches is bad
quickie - miguel bathroom stall nookie
cruel - st. vincent epic guitar solo
tongue tied - grouplove another kewl song from a commercial
need you now - cut copy longer version is better
novacane - frank ocean fuck the pain away
fucking best night ever - wallpaper. he doesnt know spanish
hey friend - jeff the brotherhood nice hip-hop opening
fragile bird - city and colour this song is totes about sex
she - tyler, the creator tyler is fucking weird
countdown - beyonce she's so not pregnant
crystalline - bjork she got an orange afro...
santa fe - beirut fucking catchy
hello - martin solveig ft. dragonette tennis will never catch on
bizness - tune-yards its a girl singing, not a dude
secretary song - the go! team girl from deerhoof sings shit
so it goes - akron/family more epic guitar
up up up - givers listen to this on a ay-ro-plane
slow motion - panda bear wtf is he saying?
hannah - freelance whales now or later sales boosted
mindkilla - gang gang dance rly weird...but kewl
judas - lady gaga fuck jesus. gimme that red satan dick.
flower - amos lee soul folk from a mixed dude
too dramatic - ra ra riot they be well dressed
our deal - best coast forever alone

happy new years! see ya in 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the look






* blazer: H&M
* dress: H&M
* necklace: Forever 21
* watch: Bongo (chrimbus gift!)
* boots: jeffrey campbell

i took these pictures on chrimbus because the fam decided to go to church all randomly. it was so boring. i really hate church. not only because i don't believe in god, but its geriatric central. everybody there is old, all the men are old--and i know they're all freaks even though the bible denounces anyone having any sort of desire to have sex--and the women wear those weird hats that block the views of people sitting behind them. not only that, but the young people who DO go--and it's not a lot--usually look so out of place and judgemental. 

in other news...

i visited the urban outfitters surplus in chicago. oh. em. GAWD. the place is already crawling with deals, but everything in the store was half the fuck off. for four hours, i scoured the store, braved the hour-long line that stretched far back to the fitting room (which was in the back of the store, btw), and came back with a gold mine. i'll focus on the shoes for now, though, as i got THREE pairs, all fully functional, cute, and more importantly, affordable.

i've been needing a mary jane shoe for a while. i've been lusting after a wooden heeled shoe after i saw the chloe sevigny for opening ceremony boots that i was lusting after but naturally too broke to afford. i also needed some heels to make my jeans look better. voila. three birds obliterated with one proverbial stone.

typical me error: i left the facking wrapping bits on the shoe. grrr.

python booties. will admit, i didn't want them at first because they looked a little tacky, but then i thought of the interesting touch they could add to all my outfits, (plus the fact that they were ten dollars) and i got them! they kind of remind me of cowboy boots, but in ankle boot form.

ahhh yes. men's classic brogues. i cannot wait to wear these babies with jeans, flirty dresses, and with tights paired with skirts. absolutely dig wingtips. the masculine trend is one of the best IMO, because the menswear is such an unexpected and chic trend when done correctly.

and here's the video that inspired my title. i haven't been feeling metronomy since their album nights out, but i might give their new one, the english riviera a listen after this song. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011


x-mas/christmas/chrimbus/chrismukkah/whatever post ahead

first, let's start off with what i got for chrimbus!

i spotted this book in urban outfitters i believe--or probably amazon because i was also looking up the RHCP oral/visual history book--and instantly needed it in my life. for the music addict like me, who spends her days trolling youtube trying to find more candy for my zune, this book is like a manual of ear sex.

i'm reading it now! ok, not literally now, but i've got it open, and i'm fitting to look up a billie holiday song when i'm done posting this.

a proper makeup bag. FINALLY. i've been schlepping my nail polish and cosmetics in a damn drawstring thingabobber that made absolutely no sense and was an utter fail since it's now ripped. thank you bruvah

pokemon silver. hello childhood. unfortunately, my bro bought it used and it doesn't hold a save--FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK--but i want another one. i had my gameboy all ready and everything, for massive thumb aches from pressing the "A" button repeatedly. oh well. 

my mom got this cute little hat from a lady at her church. pic doesn't really do it justice, but i like it. yes, it's super juvenile and upon this glance it looks so baby-ish, but i'm a grown ass kid. 20 years old, and i still play pokemon for crying out loud.

and my spotify as of recent?

as you can see, no christmas music to be found, and a shitload of lykke li in the wee hours of the morning. whatever.

hope you all had a great xmas/christmas/chrimbus/christmukkah!

Friday, December 23, 2011


the way the the pictures are taken. the fifties style. the straight swag. i think i just fell in love.

Krystal J styled them. i took one look at her portfolio and gained massive appreciation. thanks, tumblr!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


cross necklaces are awesome pieces of jewelry IMO. they can make your outfit pop and adds a quirky touch to almost everything you wear. you don't have to be religious--i'm athiest, and my family always wonders why i wear crosses when i don't believe--to make use of this trend!

my brother--after begging him--let me wear his cross necklace. he ordered it off amazon, but isn't sure of the brand. however, here are some you can check out if you feel like getting in on this cool trend.

This avant-garde piece is *gasp* upside down! ASOS's kitschy piece is the best thing to accent a casual outfit. I really like this necklace. I want it. In fact, I'm favoriting this page and salivating as we speak...

A simple cross necklace from Fashionology. It's classic, refined, and perfect for those who want to admire minimalist jewelry.

This one from Forever 21 has a decidedly more Goth feel.

Here's a quirkier one from Topshop

there. now you've all got incentive to squander your paychecks on jewelry like i do on clothes every two weeks.

oh, and because i can't not share music, here's a band who also shares a fond love of crosses. enjoy!

Monday, December 19, 2011


* top: H&M
* maxi skirt: H&M
*rings: (white) H&M (stone) Forever 21
* earrings: don't remember
* necklace: Forever 21 (from my Cali trip!)
* boots: Forever 21

working for one week today, and then hightailing it the fuck back to the crib. 

lemme step on a proverbial soapbox for one second: i am aware that i have a big ass. my friends point it out all the time. so does my mom. i get it. and whenever i wear something tight, they don't hesitate to point it out. and while i am proud of my round derriere, which is all natural, and which was acquired by doing absolutely NOTHING on my part--one of my friends asked if do squats, to which i quickly replied no--i feel like people automatically think you're a whore if your ass is always poking out.

i can't help that my ass is big, and i don't think i should have to wear baggy jeans just so others won't assume that i'm a skank. i'm completely aware that girls who wear tight shit are automatically seen as whores, which is why i try to balance what i wear: if i'm wearing something tight on top, i'll have on a loose bottom, and vice versa. its about playing with extremes so you don't look too sexy or too plain. i like dressing the way i do--which i don't think is slutty at all, and i think it's stupid that people judge you because of your body type. i can't help that i have a fat ass. if i was skinny, no one would even make these comments.

*steps off soapbox

wait, i just realized this:

ASSume. hehe.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


i usually never do anything beauty-related because it's not up my alley, but lately i've been into makeup. i don't really know how to do it well just yet, so i indulge in lip glosses. i bought four over the weekend.

the colors from left to right
blazing violet - LA colors
ruby - LA colors
true red - NYX
amethyst - NYX

blazing violet


true red


i'm officially in love with NYX and LA Colors! definitely buying more in the future. my personal favorite is blazing violet. i usually never experiment with purples, but the tone is so great and its not as garish as pinks are. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011





* vest: stolen from my mom 
* dress: H&M
*mesh top/dress: American Apparel
* shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

just got back from a small family get together, and now i am le pooped. SO FUCKING HAPPY to be home after finals are now over. one month of chillness, though i'm working next week. whatever. that's money to be made. no fault in that. 

i am absolutely IN LOVE with the red hot chili peppers. it's getting a bit out of hand. i just ordered a t-shirt, their poster, and an hour ago, bought their oral/visual history book. 


as if that wasn't enough, i'm damn near in love with the bassist, michael peter balzary, AKA flea. i'm such a fangirl. 


anyways, obsessing over. here's my inspired song from the title. i had no idea that wayne's world used this song in their movie, when wayne and cassandra are listening to music in his car. makes me love that movie 3x more.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

little boots

procured the jeffrey campbell tardy boots. and lemme tell you.

them bitches are fucking painful.

but i got at em at a deal--$104, from its original $200, so i can't complain too much. i don't really do heels, so the stripper height of 5 inches is pushing it, but i'm hoping to get used to it.

not much has been up. still running around doing my journalist thing. i need connections out the ass, real talk.

i would've posted an outfit, but i have no one to take pictures of me. i wanted to my friend to, but he's hella unreliable. and it sucks because he has a nice camera.


i've been trolling tumblr, and i mentioned having one in a previous post. here it is.

can't wait for finals to be fucking over with. i just wanna lay around the house and play the sims all day without feeling like a friendless loser.

oh! and i LOVED the comments i got--even if there were only 3--about my "guy" situation. haha funny stuff. we're actually still friends because i came clean, and it was a good convo. but i'm definitely looking forward to being over him completely. i don't wanna rush anything, i'll give it time, but i will say, the sooner the better, because he's really not all that.

btw, i'd advise you all, if you don't listen to the awesomeness that is the red hot chili peppers, to fucking GET ON IT. they have been ruling my life lately, and without any shame whatsoever. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my body




* Sweatshirt - American Apparel
* Leggings - American Apparel
* Necklace - Forever 21
* Boots - Bongo for KMart

California was pretty cool. Won't lie, it could've been better, but hey, I got out of Illinois for the first time.

The plane ride was soooo cool. It felt like a mini rollercoaster, and I managed to get great pics outside the window. ;) Pics to follow.

Summer is basically oh-VAH. I start school at Columbia pretty soon and I move in Saturday! Eeeek!!

What are you guys up to?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

east harlem





* bustier: thrift
* leo scarf: idk
* sunglasses: forever 21
* skirt: H&M
* boots: forever 21

i wore a denim vest over my bustier to be modest. if i wasn't around my fam, i woulda chucked that shit off the moment i could.

got a phone upgrade to this bootleg blackberry. it'll do. must say it is better than my old phone, a samsung impression. you send 10 texts, and then your phone acts like it has no reception and you have to power off and on to keep sending texts. #lame. and it sucks around crowds. #evenlamer.

the countdown is STILL on. 3 more days. no i am not counting this one. expect more fashiony fashion-ness in los angeles.