Sunday, January 29, 2012

there's this theory i'm working on


beret: H&M
necklace: topshop
top: american apparel
coat: H&M

okay, so this is the theory that i have come up with, when it comes to the hierarchy of clothing stores. it's sort of something like this:

  • Rainbow - cheap, ugly, skanktastic clothing only consumed by minorities. Lots of "clubwear."
  • Wetseal - Same as Rainbow, but a step above, since everyone knows what it is.
  • Charlotte Russe - Still cheap, but somewhat classy. Middle ground between Wetseal and A'Gaci.
  • A'Gaci - Forever 21's wanna-be little sister.
  • Forever 21 - Acceptable, cheap fashion mecca for everyone, despite the sweatshop claims, supposed copyright infringement, and obvious religious affiliation
  • H&M - Totally acceptable amongst the fashionista set. Good enough to have designers submit their expensive clothes, cheap enough to solicit visitors with their promises of $5 this and $10 that.
  • Urban Outfitters - For the hipsters who think they're cool because they paid $75+ for something that looks like it costs way cheaper. Probably have no idea that the outlet exists.
  • American Apparel - They barely ever have sales and expect everyone to drop serious cash on a lame stirrup-legginged bodysuit. Tread carefully.
  • Topshop - H&M's cooler older sister. This bitch went to college, had at least four different boyfriends, and a life-altering epiphany that made her who she is today. Fucking expensive, and probably only for the richer set. Expect $50 shorts and $100 pairs of jeans if you so desperately want to look like Rihanna.

sunday mix #2

oh hi there. unleashing unto the world the next set of songs with a theme, we have my next mix, titled colours. these songs represent titles that...yeah. correspond to different colors. note that i used the british spelling of the word. why? two reasons. hot chip crafted an excellent song--and the DFA an excellent remix--of the same title, and because it just plain looks cooler. that extra 'u' carries so much intrigue, don't you think?

Monday, January 23, 2012

far nearer


ok, now refrain from looking into the lens because you look cooler that way

jacket: forever 21
dress: forever 21
hat: target
spike bracelet: forever 21
other bracelet: idk
boots: doc martens

i was going for sporty-british-feminine with this look. if that makes any sense. throw a baseball jacket over anything, and it adds instant sporty chic. i was wearing a black beret before, but the evil chicago winds blew it off my head and out of my life. :( 

today was a rather shitty day. i fucked up at work in a major way, and i have to alert el boss lady tomorrow since she was out sick today. then i was the only person working there, meeting everyone's demands--i work in an office, so people like to ask about their folders and whatnot--and taking everyone's dicks in my ass. terrible. then i felt like my hair looked bad, then i couldn't find anyone to eat with since i hate eating alone and looking like a friendless loser and ARGHHHHHH!!!! luckily, everything is fine now, but you know those days when everything just comes to a head and you wanna punch the fuck out of a wall? today was that day.

this ad reminds me so much of my outfit. luella did go international for target back in 2004, and i coveted that tartan dress. never got it, but i figured the cheaper forever 21 green dress would suit me just fine. 

i love luella bartley. she's so quirky, and her style is so adorably british. any remember the cherry skirt?

anyhoo, the inspiration behind the title of this post is jamie xx. he collaborated with gil-scott heron before he died, remixing his album, i'm new here, retitled, we're new here. his involvement in the xx renders him a producer of fuck music--n. music to shag to--and for some reason, this song feels like two people who finally admitted they like each other and are about to do the nasty. or is that my dirty mind? idk. anyways, this post is getting too long.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

sunday mix

welcome to the homework day. the sunday. the day where you're supposed to catch up on what you put off over the weekend because you were too busy partying/drinking/dancing or a combination of the three. instead of plowing into reading, i've instead, made a mix, the first of many i plan to introduce to the world, of music with themes. today's theme? songs with titles repeated 3x. enjoy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

shit i want

1 - Norma Kamali "Sleeping Bag" Camo Trench 
2 - ASOS Rose Gold Skull Ring
3 - ASOS Heart-Shaped Sunglasses
4 - White Doc Martens
5 - Alice + Olivia Pleated Leather Mini
6 - Black Milk "Leg Bones" Leggings

7 - Ashish "Teen Idle" Sweatshirt
8 - Storets Translucent Oxfords (imagine how COOL they'd be with colored ankle socks!)

9 - Cambridge Satchel Fluorescent Pink Purse
10 - Alexander McQueen Tartan Print Dress
11 - Casio Gold Watch

my eye is on 8 and 2 because i could actually afford them...soon as i get my next, what, two to three paychecks?

what stuff are YOU guys salivating over?

Friday, January 6, 2012

sleeping lessons

 cardigan: forever 21
top: american apparel
pants: american apparel
necklace: forever 21
shoes: urban outfitters
sunglasses: forever 21

i am practically falling asleep as i type this. 

i stay up entirely too late. give me a month off school, and i abuse that shit like crazy. my procrastination has reached levels of utmost intolerance. i go back to school in two weeks, and this blog is probably the most i will have accomplished since not having school. yes, i go to work, and i feel semi-accomplished doing that, but i still need to work on my portfolio, accept my loans for this year--that goddamned FAFSA is a nagging bitch, i tell you--and maybe look up possible internships. 

sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins. anyone ever watch the movie "se7ven" with brad pitt and morgan freeman? the guy who represented sloth was tied to a bed and left to rot for an entire year until he woke up, freaked the fuck out, and ended up in a hospital after having chewed his own tongue off. 

that sucks.