Monday, March 26, 2012

neutered fruit

*i see i really like this pose.

spring break is finally here. for most people, that means going to awesome locales, having consequence-free sex with random strangers, and drinking until they can't remember their own names.

for me, it means sleeping in, watching television and playing the  sims all day, and generally being a lazy sack of shit.

i'm also getting my tats, changing my hair--i actually found purple extensions!--and chilling with my family. going well so far. i just wish my bro and my dad actually got along. 

good burger is on tv. last night, the cinematic masterpiece known as you got served was on HBO. what else? spice world. wow. i can't believe we used to dress/talk like that back in the day.

title inspired by st. vincent. this woman is a goddess, and i can't believe i haven't heard her album, strange mercy sooner. "neutered fruit" is probably my favorite track on the album besides "cruel" and "surgeon." she's good at beautiful builds, and seems to love the harmonic voice, mixed with her epic guitar solos. plus, i'm pretty sure it's about unrequited love, and i could write a book on that.

top: topshop. shorts: random. shoes: urban outfitters. cardigan: forever 21. earrings: H&M. 

shit black girls don't say

made another video. this one's about black girl stereotypes. seeing as i am a black girl--shocker!--i go through a lot of this shit on the daily. thought i'd make a humorous video that falls in line with the "shit ___ say" vids. enjoy!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

sunday mix volume 3

*sorry about the funkadelic typo!!

instead of a theme, i've decided to just show you guys what i've been digging recently. from music that was on the o.c., weird psychedelic shit that sounds like it traveled from the sixties, eighties synthesized gold, or a song that strangely bears resemblance to sisqo--yes, SISQO--this pretty much has it all. let's begin, shall we?

if anyone listens to drake, they know he sampled this song for his track, "dreams money can buy." as soon as i heard it, i thought it was a sample. mr. graham certainly loves his indie music, as he's sampled lykke li and jamie xx for some of his other work. jai paul is somewhat new, but if any of his future stuff sounds like this gorgeous, saxophone led, vocally constructed piece of work, i'm definitely paying attention.

this shit is TRIPPY. as if their name wasn't enough, the music certainly matches it. the first song i heard by them--recommended by a friend--was "born a day the sun didn't rise," which is on the same album is this song. i don't think you have to be high to appreciate this. it's pretty good music regardless. brings me back to the psychedelic era of the sixties. just insert george harrison playing the sitar.

does anyone else remember this from a very brady sequel? this is where i remember this song from! so nineties. i'm in love with the music that era produced. you could go from bjork to beck to nirvana to nine inch nails to SWV and janet jackson to a tribe called quest and NWA very easily. every part of every genre was represented so well. idk about these days...

"nothin...can compaaaaaare, to when you roll the dice..." anyone who watched the o.c. should remember this. it was the scene when ryan was running to tv's epitome of the damsel in distress, marissa cooper, to have the cliched new year's kiss. somehow, he managed to get there with just a few seconds to spare, and this song was playing in the background. i also count this moment as when ryan and marissa's relationship ended because oliver, after seeing them kiss, went in and pretty much ruined everything because marissa was dumb enough to let him. that show had some amazing music come from it. finley quaye was rather unknown to me until i heard this song. 

"let me see that thoooooooong." 
thank sisqo for that melody, the rapture. without it, i probably wouldn't even dig this song as much. i hear a pretty obvious disco-y dance influence, which makes this song perfect for summer. i don't care if it was hot last year, i get into pretty much everything hella late. the rapture's only notable song before this was "echoes," which most people know either from superbad or the opening sequence of misfits. perfect for a solo dance party in your bedroom.

is he saying "TITUS?" grimes is somewhat new in the scene. this is quintessentially as eighties as you can get. the high-pitched vocals. the synthesizers. those robotic vocals. this sounds like a fucked up transformer and his girlfriend trying to sing together. the only downside is it's barely two minutes long. 

oh MAN. this shit goes pretty hard. this is what the red hot chili peppers modeled themselves after, what rage against the machine takes a few cues from, what predated heavy metal. this is one of the earliest forms of music that incorporated funk, soul, metal, and maybe even hip-hop. it was everything. anybody who appreciates music needs to appreciate funkadelic and all other heavy funk bands like them. 

weird as fuck. but i can't stop listening to it. dan deacon is a crazy motherfucker. but a lot of his shit is really avant-garde and even catchy in some cases. soon as the vocals kick in--probably a mix of children's voices, cat noises, and god-knows-what-else--i was sold. initially, i thought this was too weird even for me, but i knew there was something to like about it. the vocals are actually really funky to me. sounds like something george clinton or bootsy would have done in the future. lovely lovely song, and a perfect end to this sunday mix. 

TTFN, bitches! i'm off to eat breakfast. :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

apres 100

i normally don't care for those milestone posts. like, "OMG! this is my 100th post since i started!" and junk like that. because when can you even act like you're accomplishing a lot? do you celebrate 200? 500? 1000? i just post whenever i feel like it (which is hopefully going to be more frequent) and do what i can.  no need for milestones, but the title is actually my internal thought process thinking of that kick ass regina spektor song "apres moi." 

the week is always hectic. the week is filled with petty problems at work, self-doubt, negativity, stressing over class, my grades, my future, etc. i'm always most pleased when i can crawl into my somewhat comfy bed, cuddle with my stuffed bunny--don't act like y'all don't still sleep with a stuffed animal. it takes the place of a human being pretty well until i cross that bridge--and watch the big bang theory episodes on my laptop. i don't necessarily like to go out and party as much anymore. they usually consists of the drunken antics of college kids set the soundtrack of brostep. no thanks. plus, i don't have that many friends anyway--still trying to work on that--so my solitude is fine for now. though it gets annoying at times, like tame impala said, solitude is bliss.

new ideas on the horizon: new tattoos (the strange and beautiful tat i was talking about in this post. i also want new hair extensions. in purple. i think this girl looks amazing with purple hair.

gawd, i'm weird. also want a nose ring. no septum--ouch.--just a regular captive bead ring in my nose. what the fuck, right? do what feels good to you because other people certainly do what they want.

sweater: H&M. skirt: H&M. tight: new look UK. boots: doc martens. earrings: topshop. watch: urban outfitters

Sunday, March 11, 2012


i just wasted a good 3 hours trying to change the font for this blog. fail. i have homework i could be doing, but i'm being a nerd, over here trying to spruce up le blog. eh.

for those who read my blog, if everything changes a lot, it's because i'm trying to get a feel for what i want it to look like. i have this cool idea for magazine style cut-and-glue-on-construction-paper thingy, so i'm gonna toy around with it. if i can change the font, then hopefully that'll be cool, but for now, i give up. (i give up waaaay too easily lol)

every time i wear these tights, i get so many compliments. ladies, PLEASE, go pick these up today. if you wanna work some quirk into your wardrobe, they're an easy way to. just go for it. i think the problem with fashion these days is that we're too scared to be weird because of what everyone else will say. but fuck what everyone else says. if you wanna take a chance and wear a fucking feather cardigan or some crazy shoes, do it! YOLO!


probably the only and last time i will ever use a drake reference. don't take it literally or else you'll end up doing stupid shit like getting a tattoo on your forehead.


shirt: miley cyrus for max azria. skirt: H&M. tights: american apparel. shoes: deena & ozzy. watch: urban outfitters.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

hold tight london



if anyone keeps up with these song titles, i congratulate you. it means you read this blog more than i do. (^_^)

my friend said i look like jessie j wearing this outfit. granted, he is a hipster-y looking gay guy with a very huge hard-on for miss j, but nonetheless, i guess i have to take it as a compliment because homegirl has pretty decent style.

i was playing around with the settings on lookbook. no, you can't see me because i'm dark as hell, but it kind of reminded me of the cover of the cults' first cd. 

i'm going to champaign to see le bestie. sometimes, a girl needs to get the fuck out of her room and go hang with drunk people, ya know? i've been so happy that this day is over. two classes, from 9 to 6, and i am totally pooped. my eyelids weigh a ton, and the colbert report is in the background as i write this. and while i was sort of on the subject of lookbook, whose dick do you have to suck to get a decent amount of hype? i see people on there who take the most boring, unoriginal pictures, and they have like 1000 hype, while i'm sitting in the corner with my little 4 hype, glad when i get a new notification. UGH. whatever. nobody likes my style. fine. (i totally just whined like a little kid there. but whatever.)

jacket: my mom's! uk sweater: forever 21. skirt: H&M. tights: mom's! shoes: converse. necklace: forever 21
*title inspired by the chemical brothers