Saturday, April 28, 2012

i dream of sex, clothes, and music.

little bit of nerd/madonna swag for you guys.

my mind is consumed by thoughts of clothes. where i'm going to buy them next. how much i can spend without going broke. my new obsessions, which include a lionel ritchie tee that i found in a store in lincoln park. or the lego necklace that's only $20, also in said store. the black harem pants at H&M that i need in my life. 

i go to sleep thinking about sex, i wake up thinking about boys--which is a huge component of the sex part--and how my first time will be. how he'll look, how good it'll feel. when i'm daydreaming in class because my professor, who bears a strange resemblance to master roshi from dragonball z is droning, i'm still thinking about sex. i am so glad nobody can read my mind because when i space out, it's pretty much x-rated.

songs get stuck in my head, and then replaced by other songs. i always feel like there's a song to match my mood. the soundtrack of a moment in my life. in my head, i feel like i'm living out this movie that stars me. i am in my own little stupid molly ringwald movie, but this sadly isn't the eighties. 

is this bad?

should i feel guilty for loathing reality? should i feel bad for these things consuming my brain all the time? i often credit my crazy imagination for helping me see things differently sometimes, but i also feel like it hinders me from accepting the bitter taste of the real world. i honestly feel like i'm way too complex for anyone to understand, but then again, who said being an intellectual was a crime? is it wrong to think deeply about something simple? is it wrong to analyze stuff? it is weird to find yourself wondering if anyone out there thinks the same way as you?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i am in love with band t-shirts. there's nothing like pledging allegiance to your favorite band, whilst simultaneously making a fashion statement. 

the semester is almost done. i'm still in therapy. i'm still a fucking whore for all things clothes, and i'm still not sure how i want this blog to be. (i swear, i switch design schemes every two seconds. i'll get a normal rhythm eventually.)

things that i need in my closet very soon:

  1. more jeans
  2. lace tights
  3. a non-shedding leopard print coat (thinking ahead)
  4. a beige coat
  5. a black maxi skirt
  6. a colorful pleated maxi skirt
  7. more cardigans!
  8. graphic print tees/band tees
  9. american apparel disco shorts
among many other things. i'm on a rick kick currently. H&M stepped up their game, because i previously thought only topshop had cute jewelry. cute jewelry that didn't cost so FUCKING much. $28 for a ring? like, for real though?

speaking of american apparel...this is the dress that got away. i should've bought that $40 sexiness when i had the chance. now it's out of my life forever. :(
picture circa 2010

hat: target. coat: H&M. shirt: gift. flannel: old navy. shorts: kmart. boots: kmart. rings: H&M. necklace: my brother's. oh sidenote: my friend said i looked like a sexy hobo in these pics. no reason to put that here with the outfit tags, but i just thought it was a cool description of my style that day. :3

Saturday, April 21, 2012


O. Little

had to snap a pic of her Jeffrey Campbell shoes. after watching her strut in them, i asked her how she walks in them. she simply said, "i don't know." me neither!

Carlene Truitt, 28

loved her colorblocking. plus, the motorcycle jacket in a fabric that isn't leather. she worked red, purple, and even a hint of teal on this cold day. then she evened everything out with the black. gotta appreciate the heart hardware on her bag.

Christina Crossthwaite, 25 (Christina, if you're reading this and i spelled it wrong, sorry!)

this is one of the best examples of layering i've seen. she's got the jacket over a hoodie over a shirt with a scarf. even worked in a piece of hardware in the form of a silver collar necklace. 

i'm incorporating this into my assignment for school, so i thought, hey, why not kill two bird with one stone? and no business cards just yet, so i had to just write the name down on a piece of paper. ghetto, but whatevs. i'll get a business card soon. :) 

this was fun! i'll definitely have to do this again. thanks to all the ladies who let me be a creep and take pics!

Monday, April 9, 2012

stillness is the move

outfit inspired by solange!

here i sit, perched upon my bed, watching friday and updating le blog. after a hard day at work and two hours spent in the library completing my visual journalism assignment, i seek solace in a tv dinner--because panera is closed. wahh.--a vicodin to soothe my aching gums freshly released from two wisdom teeth, and a movie i've seen a jillion times. 

oh, and if anyone cares, my spring break was filled with the one human need that always seems to elude me. mostly my fault, but nonetheless, i never get enough sleep. at least there's only a few weeks left in the semester. and i'm turning 21 which means i can do whatever the FUUUUUUUUUUCK i wanna do. hello nightlife i never experienced!

and here we are again, making decisions on which summer festival to attend, or both. warped is out of the question because i don't even listen to that music as much as i used to. (sorry, bring me the horizon!) pitchfork and lolla are my two contenders. while P4K is obviously much cheaper and has sleigh bells and hot chip performing (EEEEK!), lolla has many more and i heard red hot chili peppers would perform. hold up hold up whoa dere. 

$45 vs. $90? hmm...
2 people vs. a lot? hmm...
we'll see.

glasses: dollar store find. shawl: forever 21. pants: american apparel. gloves: idk. boots: forever 21. tusk necklace: charlotte russe