Sunday, June 13, 2010

best way to get rid of ACNE? pro-activ.

There have been a ton of fads lately that seriously make my eyebrow twitch out of disgust. There was the period back in my shantytown of a high school where girls decided that ill-fitting plaid shorts were a trend. Then came the fake designer (points if its Louis Vuitton) toolbelt-cum-fannypacks. There was even a gleaming moment where pajama pants, the epitome of "I don't give a fuck" style was lauded by the school populace. Who needs fashion when you've got Spongebob plastered all over your legs?

But now that I've gotten into fashion blogging, I notice that there's always that coveted piece that pops up on every single blog. From the Balenciaga suede oxfords to the Forever 21 cross ring that vanished from existence as soon as it was made the 'it' thing to have. (Seriously, they're being sold on eBay for at least ten times what they're worth.)

This is what's really irking me at the moment. These butt ugly shoes with a surprisingly fitting name, meaning that they must be extinguished from existence.



Ok, they have a mirror-ish sole. Ok, they're black. Ok, they're wedges. But they look so damn big and bulky, like they weigh a good ten pounds. There is absolutely nothing special about these stupid, overpriced designer shoes. And as if that wasn't bad enough. . .


A brown lining at the bottom. Seriously, I rest my case. NEXT!


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  2. Okay, I agree with the fact that the ones with the brown lining are scarily prisoner-woman-esque but the first pair isn't that bad.
    Love your blog and the blatant honest though. ;)

  3. I was so in love with those shoes...unfortunately missed out on a pair ;-(

  4. i hate that. missing out on stuff you really want. :/ well i hope the next coveted thing that comes around you get to have! :)

  5. I'm not a fan of them either but people still seem to like them!

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  6. I hate it when everyone wants it..unless its something faboosh! great gaga pics on the side


  7. Yes, definitely love the honesty. I thought they were pretty ugly at first, and then I saw people style them with simple yet fitting outfits that made the shoes actually look decent. But the craziness over them still befuddles me to this day.


  8. Really? I have no idea how you cannot like these shoes are even understand why they are so beloved.
    I absolutely love these shoes. They are an iconic shoe in my opinion.

  9. I still think they're ridiculous! I tweeted about them the other day. Forever 21 makes replicas now.

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