Saturday, April 28, 2012

i dream of sex, clothes, and music.

little bit of nerd/madonna swag for you guys.

my mind is consumed by thoughts of clothes. where i'm going to buy them next. how much i can spend without going broke. my new obsessions, which include a lionel ritchie tee that i found in a store in lincoln park. or the lego necklace that's only $20, also in said store. the black harem pants at H&M that i need in my life. 

i go to sleep thinking about sex, i wake up thinking about boys--which is a huge component of the sex part--and how my first time will be. how he'll look, how good it'll feel. when i'm daydreaming in class because my professor, who bears a strange resemblance to master roshi from dragonball z is droning, i'm still thinking about sex. i am so glad nobody can read my mind because when i space out, it's pretty much x-rated.

songs get stuck in my head, and then replaced by other songs. i always feel like there's a song to match my mood. the soundtrack of a moment in my life. in my head, i feel like i'm living out this movie that stars me. i am in my own little stupid molly ringwald movie, but this sadly isn't the eighties. 

is this bad?

should i feel guilty for loathing reality? should i feel bad for these things consuming my brain all the time? i often credit my crazy imagination for helping me see things differently sometimes, but i also feel like it hinders me from accepting the bitter taste of the real world. i honestly feel like i'm way too complex for anyone to understand, but then again, who said being an intellectual was a crime? is it wrong to think deeply about something simple? is it wrong to analyze stuff? it is weird to find yourself wondering if anyone out there thinks the same way as you?

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