Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i am in love with band t-shirts. there's nothing like pledging allegiance to your favorite band, whilst simultaneously making a fashion statement. 

the semester is almost done. i'm still in therapy. i'm still a fucking whore for all things clothes, and i'm still not sure how i want this blog to be. (i swear, i switch design schemes every two seconds. i'll get a normal rhythm eventually.)

things that i need in my closet very soon:

  1. more jeans
  2. lace tights
  3. a non-shedding leopard print coat (thinking ahead)
  4. a beige coat
  5. a black maxi skirt
  6. a colorful pleated maxi skirt
  7. more cardigans!
  8. graphic print tees/band tees
  9. american apparel disco shorts
among many other things. i'm on a rick kick currently. H&M stepped up their game, because i previously thought only topshop had cute jewelry. cute jewelry that didn't cost so FUCKING much. $28 for a ring? like, for real though?

speaking of american apparel...this is the dress that got away. i should've bought that $40 sexiness when i had the chance. now it's out of my life forever. :(
picture circa 2010

hat: target. coat: H&M. shirt: gift. flannel: old navy. shorts: kmart. boots: kmart. rings: H&M. necklace: my brother's. oh sidenote: my friend said i looked like a sexy hobo in these pics. no reason to put that here with the outfit tags, but i just thought it was a cool description of my style that day. :3


  1. so wonderful!

  2. Love your style! I have a giveaway going on if you are interested, it's for a bullet necklace

  3. the 1st sylization is awesome! very nice!

    wld u like to follow each others?

  4. ah your outfit is so cool, absolutely love your hair! x

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