Saturday, April 21, 2012


O. Little

had to snap a pic of her Jeffrey Campbell shoes. after watching her strut in them, i asked her how she walks in them. she simply said, "i don't know." me neither!

Carlene Truitt, 28

loved her colorblocking. plus, the motorcycle jacket in a fabric that isn't leather. she worked red, purple, and even a hint of teal on this cold day. then she evened everything out with the black. gotta appreciate the heart hardware on her bag.

Christina Crossthwaite, 25 (Christina, if you're reading this and i spelled it wrong, sorry!)

this is one of the best examples of layering i've seen. she's got the jacket over a hoodie over a shirt with a scarf. even worked in a piece of hardware in the form of a silver collar necklace. 

i'm incorporating this into my assignment for school, so i thought, hey, why not kill two bird with one stone? and no business cards just yet, so i had to just write the name down on a piece of paper. ghetto, but whatevs. i'll get a business card soon. :) 

this was fun! i'll definitely have to do this again. thanks to all the ladies who let me be a creep and take pics!

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