Friday, January 6, 2012

sleeping lessons

 cardigan: forever 21
top: american apparel
pants: american apparel
necklace: forever 21
shoes: urban outfitters
sunglasses: forever 21

i am practically falling asleep as i type this. 

i stay up entirely too late. give me a month off school, and i abuse that shit like crazy. my procrastination has reached levels of utmost intolerance. i go back to school in two weeks, and this blog is probably the most i will have accomplished since not having school. yes, i go to work, and i feel semi-accomplished doing that, but i still need to work on my portfolio, accept my loans for this year--that goddamned FAFSA is a nagging bitch, i tell you--and maybe look up possible internships. 

sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins. anyone ever watch the movie "se7ven" with brad pitt and morgan freeman? the guy who represented sloth was tied to a bed and left to rot for an entire year until he woke up, freaked the fuck out, and ended up in a hospital after having chewed his own tongue off. 

that sucks.


  1. Ur boots r so damn smart
    totally adore it !!!

    Im following ur blog now
    check my blog out too

  2. You look fierce, gorgeous boots <3

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