Sunday, January 29, 2012

there's this theory i'm working on


beret: H&M
necklace: topshop
top: american apparel
coat: H&M

okay, so this is the theory that i have come up with, when it comes to the hierarchy of clothing stores. it's sort of something like this:

  • Rainbow - cheap, ugly, skanktastic clothing only consumed by minorities. Lots of "clubwear."
  • Wetseal - Same as Rainbow, but a step above, since everyone knows what it is.
  • Charlotte Russe - Still cheap, but somewhat classy. Middle ground between Wetseal and A'Gaci.
  • A'Gaci - Forever 21's wanna-be little sister.
  • Forever 21 - Acceptable, cheap fashion mecca for everyone, despite the sweatshop claims, supposed copyright infringement, and obvious religious affiliation
  • H&M - Totally acceptable amongst the fashionista set. Good enough to have designers submit their expensive clothes, cheap enough to solicit visitors with their promises of $5 this and $10 that.
  • Urban Outfitters - For the hipsters who think they're cool because they paid $75+ for something that looks like it costs way cheaper. Probably have no idea that the outlet exists.
  • American Apparel - They barely ever have sales and expect everyone to drop serious cash on a lame stirrup-legginged bodysuit. Tread carefully.
  • Topshop - H&M's cooler older sister. This bitch went to college, had at least four different boyfriends, and a life-altering epiphany that made her who she is today. Fucking expensive, and probably only for the richer set. Expect $50 shorts and $100 pairs of jeans if you so desperately want to look like Rihanna.

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