Monday, March 26, 2012

neutered fruit

*i see i really like this pose.

spring break is finally here. for most people, that means going to awesome locales, having consequence-free sex with random strangers, and drinking until they can't remember their own names.

for me, it means sleeping in, watching television and playing the  sims all day, and generally being a lazy sack of shit.

i'm also getting my tats, changing my hair--i actually found purple extensions!--and chilling with my family. going well so far. i just wish my bro and my dad actually got along. 

good burger is on tv. last night, the cinematic masterpiece known as you got served was on HBO. what else? spice world. wow. i can't believe we used to dress/talk like that back in the day.

title inspired by st. vincent. this woman is a goddess, and i can't believe i haven't heard her album, strange mercy sooner. "neutered fruit" is probably my favorite track on the album besides "cruel" and "surgeon." she's good at beautiful builds, and seems to love the harmonic voice, mixed with her epic guitar solos. plus, i'm pretty sure it's about unrequited love, and i could write a book on that.

top: topshop. shorts: random. shoes: urban outfitters. cardigan: forever 21. earrings: H&M. 


  1. cute!!!

  2. Great job i´ll be back soon.

  3. cute outfit, dear
    follow each other, m'dear?


  4. what a cool tee! great post

  5. You look awesome, I adore your tee and the cozy feel of your cardigan <3

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