Thursday, March 1, 2012

hold tight london



if anyone keeps up with these song titles, i congratulate you. it means you read this blog more than i do. (^_^)

my friend said i look like jessie j wearing this outfit. granted, he is a hipster-y looking gay guy with a very huge hard-on for miss j, but nonetheless, i guess i have to take it as a compliment because homegirl has pretty decent style.

i was playing around with the settings on lookbook. no, you can't see me because i'm dark as hell, but it kind of reminded me of the cover of the cults' first cd. 

i'm going to champaign to see le bestie. sometimes, a girl needs to get the fuck out of her room and go hang with drunk people, ya know? i've been so happy that this day is over. two classes, from 9 to 6, and i am totally pooped. my eyelids weigh a ton, and the colbert report is in the background as i write this. and while i was sort of on the subject of lookbook, whose dick do you have to suck to get a decent amount of hype? i see people on there who take the most boring, unoriginal pictures, and they have like 1000 hype, while i'm sitting in the corner with my little 4 hype, glad when i get a new notification. UGH. whatever. nobody likes my style. fine. (i totally just whined like a little kid there. but whatever.)

jacket: my mom's! uk sweater: forever 21. skirt: H&M. tights: mom's! shoes: converse. necklace: forever 21
*title inspired by the chemical brothers


  1. I like the whole look but especially love the huge cross crosses have been on my mind like mad lately

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