Sunday, March 11, 2012


i just wasted a good 3 hours trying to change the font for this blog. fail. i have homework i could be doing, but i'm being a nerd, over here trying to spruce up le blog. eh.

for those who read my blog, if everything changes a lot, it's because i'm trying to get a feel for what i want it to look like. i have this cool idea for magazine style cut-and-glue-on-construction-paper thingy, so i'm gonna toy around with it. if i can change the font, then hopefully that'll be cool, but for now, i give up. (i give up waaaay too easily lol)

every time i wear these tights, i get so many compliments. ladies, PLEASE, go pick these up today. if you wanna work some quirk into your wardrobe, they're an easy way to. just go for it. i think the problem with fashion these days is that we're too scared to be weird because of what everyone else will say. but fuck what everyone else says. if you wanna take a chance and wear a fucking feather cardigan or some crazy shoes, do it! YOLO!


probably the only and last time i will ever use a drake reference. don't take it literally or else you'll end up doing stupid shit like getting a tattoo on your forehead.


shirt: miley cyrus for max azria. skirt: H&M. tights: american apparel. shoes: deena & ozzy. watch: urban outfitters.

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