Wednesday, March 14, 2012

apres 100

i normally don't care for those milestone posts. like, "OMG! this is my 100th post since i started!" and junk like that. because when can you even act like you're accomplishing a lot? do you celebrate 200? 500? 1000? i just post whenever i feel like it (which is hopefully going to be more frequent) and do what i can.  no need for milestones, but the title is actually my internal thought process thinking of that kick ass regina spektor song "apres moi." 

the week is always hectic. the week is filled with petty problems at work, self-doubt, negativity, stressing over class, my grades, my future, etc. i'm always most pleased when i can crawl into my somewhat comfy bed, cuddle with my stuffed bunny--don't act like y'all don't still sleep with a stuffed animal. it takes the place of a human being pretty well until i cross that bridge--and watch the big bang theory episodes on my laptop. i don't necessarily like to go out and party as much anymore. they usually consists of the drunken antics of college kids set the soundtrack of brostep. no thanks. plus, i don't have that many friends anyway--still trying to work on that--so my solitude is fine for now. though it gets annoying at times, like tame impala said, solitude is bliss.

new ideas on the horizon: new tattoos (the strange and beautiful tat i was talking about in this post. i also want new hair extensions. in purple. i think this girl looks amazing with purple hair.

gawd, i'm weird. also want a nose ring. no septum--ouch.--just a regular captive bead ring in my nose. what the fuck, right? do what feels good to you because other people certainly do what they want.

sweater: H&M. skirt: H&M. tight: new look UK. boots: doc martens. earrings: topshop. watch: urban outfitters


  1. Great clothes! :-)

  2. I like your blog and attitude to fashion/life! :) new follower

  3. loving the thighs!!

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