Saturday, February 13, 2010


Let me just clarify one thing.

I HATE Valentine's Day.

Now before you roll your eyes and click the 'x' button because you don't care, just listen up. I hate V-Day because it's stupid. Unless you're in a relationship. But even then, it can be stupid. It's a way for the media to capitalize on couples, either breaking them up or making them even less tolerable to the general public (extreme PDA) than they already were. Then it makes single people feel like shit and confines them to the couch for the weekend, eating ice cream and berating his/herself for being lonely.

Can't people just be in love? Why do we need a holiday to celebrate it? Love is love. But I don't know. Like Corinne Bailey Rae sings, you won't know until it happens to you. It's never happened to me. Guess that's my inexperience talking. Sometimes I feel like it never will, but again, I have to realize I'm only 18.

So if you love Valentine's Day, have fun. But try not to turn it into a big deal. If you're single, don't let the holiday turn you into a griping bitch/bastard because you have no one to celebrate it with. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being single, and no one should make you feel horrible because you are. Love is a process. It takes time. Until then, keep busy. Or if you're like me, just put a shitload of music on your mp3 player and forget everything. :)

Keeping with the spirit of anti V-Day, let's just listen to some Blink.


  1. Oh, V-Day. D: I've never actually celebrated it properly, even in a relationship. Although, there's no real way to celebrate it.

    I was one of those people who'd sit on a couch over the weekend. Instead, I'd play MMOs all day and receive a dozen of V-Day texts. Now being in a relationship, it's kinda whaaaa~. You'd HAVE to do something with your partner, unless there's just something wrong with you two and you know people are gonna ask what you two did for V-Day.

    But, I mean... what are you supposed to do during V-Day? 4th of July? Fireworks watching. Christmas? Give gifts. Thanksgiving? Eat with the family. V-Day...? Darn you media. Got my money again.

    ReplyDelete just type some stuff.