Saturday, November 21, 2009

Diamonds Aren't Forever

I like to tinker around on Polyvore. Mixing and matching different outfit ideas that look similar to that of magazines is what this site is good for. So I came up with this edgy glam concept. Basically, it combines notoriously feminine details and tougher ones into one glamorized, sexy/fussy sort of thing.

Generally, when you think of feminine detailing, you think of things such as...
  • ruffles
  • sequins
  • pastel colors
  • lace
  • bodycon
  • diamonds
And when you think of hardcore/rough aspects, you think of...
  • leather
  • ripped jeans
  • buckles
  • zippers
  • rugged soles
So when you combine the two, you get something like this...


  1. Love all this!

    Lovely blog!

  2. like the gold top!
    where is it from?

  3. guess i should post where the stuff comes from lol. it's from netaporter.

  4. Agreed. I feel as though Gossip girl has a lost a lot of its steam. :( I still tune in for the Chuck & Blair screen time though. :)

    Great Polyvore- the shoes = love!


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