Saturday, November 21, 2009

music videos that are completely fashion worthy

Ever seen a music video and thought, damn, the music is amazing, but where did the clothes come from? So do I. These are a few videos that have caught my attention when it comes to the eye-popping clothes everyone is wearing. (In no particular order)

Eve - Tambourine

Poppy colors, an abundance of makeup, and that cute little yellow fluorescent chair! Eve's 2007 hit was filled to the brim with fashion that we still see on the runway today. Main points I'm talking about?

  • Her black sequined mini dress
  • Those liquid leggings that she paired with a yellow halter
  • the UBIQUITIOUS Herve Leger bandage dress in a deep purple hue

In 2007, most of these trends were considered temporary, with the consistency of a season, kind of like Lindsay Lohan's acting career. But lo and behold, you can still pick up latex leggings at WetSeal, leopard print is high in demand, sequins are IN, and well, the bandage dress hype may have died down, but earlier this year and last year, you wouldn't catch a sexy Hollywood femme fetale--or an uneventful D-lister--not constricted in Herve Leger's masterpiece.

Barcelona - The Plastiscines

Guess it's not too surprising that they're under NYLON's music label. I mean, look at their clothes! Who else could rock a pink patent leather cropped jacket with statement-inducing thigh high boots--exactly what kind of pattern is that anyway?--and get away with it? Lead singer Katy Besnard knows how. Maybe its the flair of the French, but these girls have style. It's refreshing to see people actually play with fashion. For example, take the wonderful band member who wore a leather minidress paired with the white lace tights. Or those purple boots with the diamond-detailing down the spine of the heel. . .

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Honestly, any Lady Gaga video will earn its title as a fashion work of art. Doesn't matter if she's wearing a fucking Mickey Mouse ensemble, head-to-toe Alexander McQueen, or a full latex bodysuit. But we'll focus on her latest, since she went all out. The costumes this woman wears are just out of this world. Who could forget that robe with the bear-rug-train? The lady is on her way to becoming a fashion icon, like her predecessor, Madonna. She had the cone-bra and the whole fingerless lace gloves thing, and now Lady Gaga has. . . too many idiosyncratic moments to count!

Pop the Glock - Uffie

Not sure what's going on in this video (hipster-fashion orgy, just plain orgy in general, or a XXX'd Old Navy commercial) but let's get one thing straight: the style is what's up. From Uff's to-die-for jumpsuit, or those electric red ankle boots that stayed by her side during the beginning of the video, the fashions managed to be louder than Uffie's cocky persona. And who doesn't love the cute little magazine animations! Felt like reading NYLON magazine all over again. . .

What do you guys think? What other music videos just reek of fashion?


  1. I loved that Eve music video. The song was great and the supersaturation of all of the colors in the different looks = awesomeness. As a person who is generally terrified of wearing things that are "too bright" the video really helped me appreciate the beauty of color explosion.

  2. i know exactly what you mean. i was in awe whe i saw it. just amazing how all the colors made me appreciate fashion! :) thanks for the comment.

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