Friday, November 27, 2009

super furry animals

So I was browsing through Topshop--as usual--and stumbled upon this amazing little coat.


This really reminds me of something Karen Blanchard would wear. It has this glamorous yet cozy feel to it, and can really do wonders to something as simple as a grey t-shirt. Let me show you guys what I mean.

My idea of this whole glam/casual thing is the jacket paired with light-wash jeans and black boots. The aviators cool up the outfit, and the black boots pull the color scheme together. Seriously, this freaking reeks of Karen Blanchard.

Now for the formal way this coat can be worn.

Items in this set:
Camilla and Marc dress, $550
TopShop jacket, 160 GBP
TopShop shoes, 150 GBP
Givenchy necklace, 1.589 EUR
Falke tights, $275

The mongolian fur works wonders against subtle textures like silk. Again, playing with the extremes, it contrasts the pale pink, but the rest of the outfit is black, keeping everything from becoming too extreme. Black tights and uber-trendy peep-toe ankle wedge boots complete the look, along with piles and piles of hot jewelry to amp up the glam look.

*BTW, I would just like to let the readers know that I am in no way able to afford the expensive items that I feature. They're just pictures, in my opinion. I'm not a complete snob who only wears designer! I thrift and find deals just like the rest of us!*

On another note, I saw Ninja Assassin with my friend Jessica, and was floored!! Rain is unbelievably hot, and the blood and gore in the movie? A+. Yes, movies with excessive violence are kind of my thing. Gimme that over a lame chick flick anyday. Guess that's the 'guy' in me. Haha.

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