Monday, January 25, 2010

it's all in the hair


The hair, the miniskirt, the tights, the jacket. Did I mention the hair? Definitely worthy of copying, in my ever-growing book.

And the things that I'd love to evict from life permanently? Actually, they come in the form of songs. At my temporary, bloodsucking office job, I am constantly hearing music that I don't like. Why? Because my boss, 'el douchebag negro' as I like to dub him, ONLY listens to the urban music station. Fine, but he doesn't even allow me to change it to Q101, the rock station that keeps me from going insane--except for when they play that damn "Resistance" song by Muse." The result? Me sitting at my desk, hearing the same songs over and over and over again!

Most of the junk that drives me insane. . .


Anything Drake is on

I get it. He went from Jimmy on "Degrassi" to a forgettable rap artist in 2007, to a big rap artist starting 2009 until now. That's cool and all, but honestly, Drake is like herpes. He's on every song, every mixtape, and will collaborate with anybody who's hot today. What next, is he going to lay his sickness all over the next Vampire Weekend single?


Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me

She's 'killing me' with her whiny, totally sappy declaration of not knowing that she needs to leave a douchebag who's not treating her right. Besides, hasn't Keyshia Cole sung this exact same song about fifty times already?


Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock

Awesome. You wanna rock. But if I hear you rhyme 'dominoes' with 'vamanos' one more time. . .


Usher - Little Freak

Even the sexually-ambigious Nicki Minaj verse doesn't save this song from getting to me. And I wonder how Stevie Wonder would feel knowing that one of his classics is being used to describe how much a guy wants a whore.


Wacka Flocka - O Let's Do It

His name is Wacka Flocka. Do I even have to go into detail?

And as our token white guests. . .


Muse - The Resistance

Glad to see they're getting the attention they deserve. But why this song? It's so cheesy and lame! Remember back in 2006 when they got some mainstream attention with "Starlight" and "Supermassive Black Hole?" That shit was good. This shit is just. . . shit.


  1. DAMN, that first woman is incredible beautiful!!

  2. @ "Drake is like Herpes." He's like Gucci Mane... there on everything. The only person I will vouch for and say I LOVED everything he was on is T-Pain! You better not say anything mean! lol


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