Monday, December 19, 2011


* top: H&M
* maxi skirt: H&M
*rings: (white) H&M (stone) Forever 21
* earrings: don't remember
* necklace: Forever 21 (from my Cali trip!)
* boots: Forever 21

working for one week today, and then hightailing it the fuck back to the crib. 

lemme step on a proverbial soapbox for one second: i am aware that i have a big ass. my friends point it out all the time. so does my mom. i get it. and whenever i wear something tight, they don't hesitate to point it out. and while i am proud of my round derriere, which is all natural, and which was acquired by doing absolutely NOTHING on my part--one of my friends asked if do squats, to which i quickly replied no--i feel like people automatically think you're a whore if your ass is always poking out.

i can't help that my ass is big, and i don't think i should have to wear baggy jeans just so others won't assume that i'm a skank. i'm completely aware that girls who wear tight shit are automatically seen as whores, which is why i try to balance what i wear: if i'm wearing something tight on top, i'll have on a loose bottom, and vice versa. its about playing with extremes so you don't look too sexy or too plain. i like dressing the way i do--which i don't think is slutty at all, and i think it's stupid that people judge you because of your body type. i can't help that i have a fat ass. if i was skinny, no one would even make these comments.

*steps off soapbox

wait, i just realized this:

ASSume. hehe.


  1. love the accessories and the maxi dress! very cute look big booty or not lol

    thank you for stopping by the blog! come back soon.

  2. Lool as soon as I saw the post title big sean was playing in my head haha, I can totally relate to this post. It ain't our faults we were blessed, to some its an ass-piration to have what we have lol sorry had to..Don't change your way of dressing!...great post and fit! x

  3. haha thanks violet. and yeah, geriee, i agree. people just annoy me sometimes lol

  4. You look gorgeous i love the skirt and the top fab x

  5. love, love this outfit! so pretty... and feminine. great top! love your poses, and you look happy. great blog... just followed via bloglovin! maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :) cheers!

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