Wednesday, December 21, 2011


cross necklaces are awesome pieces of jewelry IMO. they can make your outfit pop and adds a quirky touch to almost everything you wear. you don't have to be religious--i'm athiest, and my family always wonders why i wear crosses when i don't believe--to make use of this trend!

my brother--after begging him--let me wear his cross necklace. he ordered it off amazon, but isn't sure of the brand. however, here are some you can check out if you feel like getting in on this cool trend.

This avant-garde piece is *gasp* upside down! ASOS's kitschy piece is the best thing to accent a casual outfit. I really like this necklace. I want it. In fact, I'm favoriting this page and salivating as we speak...

A simple cross necklace from Fashionology. It's classic, refined, and perfect for those who want to admire minimalist jewelry.

This one from Forever 21 has a decidedly more Goth feel.

Here's a quirkier one from Topshop

there. now you've all got incentive to squander your paychecks on jewelry like i do on clothes every two weeks.

oh, and because i can't not share music, here's a band who also shares a fond love of crosses. enjoy!

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