Saturday, December 10, 2011

little boots

procured the jeffrey campbell tardy boots. and lemme tell you.

them bitches are fucking painful.

but i got at em at a deal--$104, from its original $200, so i can't complain too much. i don't really do heels, so the stripper height of 5 inches is pushing it, but i'm hoping to get used to it.

not much has been up. still running around doing my journalist thing. i need connections out the ass, real talk.

i would've posted an outfit, but i have no one to take pictures of me. i wanted to my friend to, but he's hella unreliable. and it sucks because he has a nice camera.


i've been trolling tumblr, and i mentioned having one in a previous post. here it is.

can't wait for finals to be fucking over with. i just wanna lay around the house and play the sims all day without feeling like a friendless loser.

oh! and i LOVED the comments i got--even if there were only 3--about my "guy" situation. haha funny stuff. we're actually still friends because i came clean, and it was a good convo. but i'm definitely looking forward to being over him completely. i don't wanna rush anything, i'll give it time, but i will say, the sooner the better, because he's really not all that.

btw, i'd advise you all, if you don't listen to the awesomeness that is the red hot chili peppers, to fucking GET ON IT. they have been ruling my life lately, and without any shame whatsoever. :)

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