Sunday, December 25, 2011


x-mas/christmas/chrimbus/chrismukkah/whatever post ahead

first, let's start off with what i got for chrimbus!

i spotted this book in urban outfitters i believe--or probably amazon because i was also looking up the RHCP oral/visual history book--and instantly needed it in my life. for the music addict like me, who spends her days trolling youtube trying to find more candy for my zune, this book is like a manual of ear sex.

i'm reading it now! ok, not literally now, but i've got it open, and i'm fitting to look up a billie holiday song when i'm done posting this.

a proper makeup bag. FINALLY. i've been schlepping my nail polish and cosmetics in a damn drawstring thingabobber that made absolutely no sense and was an utter fail since it's now ripped. thank you bruvah

pokemon silver. hello childhood. unfortunately, my bro bought it used and it doesn't hold a save--FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK--but i want another one. i had my gameboy all ready and everything, for massive thumb aches from pressing the "A" button repeatedly. oh well. 

my mom got this cute little hat from a lady at her church. pic doesn't really do it justice, but i like it. yes, it's super juvenile and upon this glance it looks so baby-ish, but i'm a grown ass kid. 20 years old, and i still play pokemon for crying out loud.

and my spotify as of recent?

as you can see, no christmas music to be found, and a shitload of lykke li in the wee hours of the morning. whatever.

hope you all had a great xmas/christmas/chrimbus/christmukkah!

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