Saturday, December 17, 2011





* vest: stolen from my mom 
* dress: H&M
*mesh top/dress: American Apparel
* shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

just got back from a small family get together, and now i am le pooped. SO FUCKING HAPPY to be home after finals are now over. one month of chillness, though i'm working next week. whatever. that's money to be made. no fault in that. 

i am absolutely IN LOVE with the red hot chili peppers. it's getting a bit out of hand. i just ordered a t-shirt, their poster, and an hour ago, bought their oral/visual history book. 


as if that wasn't enough, i'm damn near in love with the bassist, michael peter balzary, AKA flea. i'm such a fangirl. 


anyways, obsessing over. here's my inspired song from the title. i had no idea that wayne's world used this song in their movie, when wayne and cassandra are listening to music in his car. makes me love that movie 3x more.

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