Saturday, December 31, 2011

me gusta music of 2011 (in no particular order)

*le enjoys this music and formulates a real life scenario in which all of these songs apply to me and should be playing in le background

me and you - nero le song from le headphones commercial 
the look - metronomy this sounds rly kewl

pharoahs - SBTRKT guy in mask trolls everyone w/ gud music
go - santigold ft. karen o santi white + the "maps" girl
lotus flower bomb - wale totally jacked radiohead for the title
lights - ellie goulding i know who she is bcuz of awkward
how come you never go there - feist "1234" girl still singing
on my level - wiz khalifa i dont think he's ever sober.
afternoon - youth lagoon all dreamy and shit
my machines - battles man vs. elevator. and le elevator wins.
will do - tv on the radio srsly cried listening to this
hell on heels - pistol annies these bitches is bad
quickie - miguel bathroom stall nookie
cruel - st. vincent epic guitar solo
tongue tied - grouplove another kewl song from a commercial
need you now - cut copy longer version is better
novacane - frank ocean fuck the pain away
fucking best night ever - wallpaper. he doesnt know spanish
hey friend - jeff the brotherhood nice hip-hop opening
fragile bird - city and colour this song is totes about sex
she - tyler, the creator tyler is fucking weird
countdown - beyonce she's so not pregnant
crystalline - bjork she got an orange afro...
santa fe - beirut fucking catchy
hello - martin solveig ft. dragonette tennis will never catch on
bizness - tune-yards its a girl singing, not a dude
secretary song - the go! team girl from deerhoof sings shit
so it goes - akron/family more epic guitar
up up up - givers listen to this on a ay-ro-plane
slow motion - panda bear wtf is he saying?
hannah - freelance whales now or later sales boosted
mindkilla - gang gang dance rly weird...but kewl
judas - lady gaga fuck jesus. gimme that red satan dick.
flower - amos lee soul folk from a mixed dude
too dramatic - ra ra riot they be well dressed
our deal - best coast forever alone

happy new years! see ya in 2012!


  1. i love discovering new music and i will definitely check out some of these songs :) thank you sosososo much for your sweet comment! it really made my day :) i wish you the best in 2012 and may all your dreams come true girly! followed xoxoxoxo

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